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Achilleas Michaelides, également connu sous le pseudonyme Paparazzi, est né à Tbilissi, en Géorgie, en 1982.

Paparazzi est un artiste polyvalent, excelling as a painter, graffiti writer, muralist, and street artist. His artistic journey began when he attended an art school in Tbilisi during his youth. In 1997, his family relocated to Thessaloniki, where he delved into the world of graffiti. Since 2002, he has made his home in Cyprus, establishing himself as a pioneering figure in the street art movement and contributing to the creation of many iconic mural artworks in various urban settings.

His artistic endeavors have seen the spotlight in five solo exhibitions and numerous group shows and festivals across a wide range of countries, including Cyprus, Greece, England, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Qatar, the UAE, Georgia, and Bulgaria.

Paparazzi has forged collaborations with internationally renowned street artists such as Bates, Tats Crew, Kacao77, and L7M. He has also engaged with various multinational brands, including Yamaha, Carlsberg, Baileys, Guaba, Biblio Globus, Famous Grouse, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Ballantine's, among others.