Peinture fraiche festival preparations, 3 to 12 mai 2019, Lyon (France)

For 10 days the streets of Lyon will vibrate in the colors of street artists from around the world come to us to discover their talents. Program this year: Alex Face, Fin Dac, Bordalo II, Da Cruz, GLeo, Inti, Jace, Satr, Softtwix ... and many more!

Hall Debourg is the main place where conferences, workshops, exhibitions, live performances and many things will take place. Located in the 7th district of Lyon, the facades of this former freight-triage warehouse will be repainted, will intervene artists Satr and Bordalo II for two masterful murals. The Chilean Inti will intervene on the facade of a joint building.

The Halle will be a real small village with a neighborhood canteen (hot dog, pasta, cheesecake ...), concerts, participative workshops, conferences, live performances ... a lot to do.

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Some photos to make your mouth water before you meet there if you go there;)

Peinture fraiche festival, Alex Face from Thailand
Alex Face from Thailand live ©peinturefraichefestival

Peinture fraiche festival, Fin Dac from Ireland
Fin Dac from Ireland live ©peinturefraichefestival

Peinture fraiche festival, Inti from Chile
Inti from Chile live ©peinturefraichefestival

Peinture fraiche festival, Jace from La Réunion
Jace from La Réunion live ©peinturefraichefestival

Peinture fraiche festival, preparation
Preparation ©peinturefraichefestival

To be continued...